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Indonesian Cocoa Powder BT1000A

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Why our Cocoa Powder

Our cocoa powder is made from processed cocoa beans that are processed to produce dark chocolate with a chocolatey taste. The ideal choice for baking cookies, cakes, pastries, and decorations.

100% Cocoa powder without sugar mixture
Ideal for a keto diet

Physical – Chemical Characteristics

  • Flavour = As Per Standard
  • Colour = As Per Standard
  • Fat Content (%) = 10-12
  • Shell Content (%) = 1.75 max
  • pH = 6.9-7.5
  • Fineness, wet through 200 mesh (75 micro) sieve (%) = 99.50 min
  • Moisture Content (%) = 5.0 max

Microbiological Characteristics

  • Total Plate Count (cfu/g) = 5000 max
  • Yeast (cfu/g) = 50 max
  • Moulds (cfu/g) = 50 max
  • Coliform (MPN/g) = < 3
  • Enterobacteriaceae in 1 gr = Negative
  • Escherichia coli in 1 gr = Negative
  • Salmonella in 25 gr = Negative
Weight25 kg

5 reviews for Indonesian Cocoa Powder BT1000A

  1. Antoinette J. Hakala

    Perfect for keto/low-carb hot chocolate. 1 tbsp of this, + 1 tbsp of Splenda (or equivalent amount of other sweetener of choice) dissolved in a small amount of boiling water, and then milk added after, is the best hot chocolate I have ever had! Amazing.

  2. Michelle F. McAndrews

    Makes delicious chocolate bars and better than hershy powder in over all quality and price. Huge bag will last me forever, great deal! Will buy again when I run out!

  3. Trudy J. Hodson

    We have been eating/drinking organic raw cacao for ten yrs, and this is the best tasting, best quality we’ve had, including fermented and much more costly brands and types. We just switched to this one because I couldn’t find the one we usually buy, and I am so glad I did!

  4. Martin O. Ayala

    For anyone interested, I use a heaping tsp, add some cinnamon, ginger, dashes of cayenne and turmeric and a TBSP coconut oil. To this add a cup and a half of very hot water. Mix with immersion blender for a few seconds and then I add probably a couple of TBSP coconut milk, and blend for a minute. This gets nice and frothy.

  5. Rashida R. Youngblood

    This is delicious, it has a terrific, deep, chocolatey flavor. I have included a recipe I recently developed for vegan, gluten-free brownies made with this cacao powder.

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